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From Gary Alan

It gives me great pleasure to share these plans with you. We sincerely hope that you benefit greatly from the design concepts, bed layouts and plant arrangements found in this booklet.

Our goal is to categorize plants into grouped based on overall heights in order to be used or applied to what is called "plot plan" form. Examples include tall shrubs, medium shrubs, dwarf shrubs, ground covers, etc so that you begin to look at plant placement somewhat differently. Soon you'll consider plants based on overall mature growth habits instead of just what color flower they possess. In essence, these plans have been reformatted to represent this way of thinking and as applied will make you better landscape designers for the future.

Please note the plant key chart in order to locate suggested varieties for the climate zone in which you live. These are only suggestions as I encourage you to make any substitutions desired, due to availability or time of year.

Best wishes for the landscape of your dreams,



Gary Alan

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